Students in Amanda Goranson’s pre-calculus class at Dubuque Senior High School might have wondered if they would ever use trigonometry in real life. After a recent project created by the math teacher (and with the help of Dubuque photographer and Senior alum Garth Fuerste) they won’t question it any more.

During class, the students embraced the trigonometry methods they were learning in class by developing a concept for an aerial photo and then calculating the exact position from which the photo must be taken to get the desired photo.

After choosing a shot and making the calculations, Fuerste (who uses a specially equipped drone to capture aerial images) assisted the class in capturing the shot.

The lesson was one of many real-life applications Goranson uses in her classes to help bring math concepts to life. The result of this project was a collection of striking images – all captured by combining the knowledge of an ambitious group of mathematicians and an expert photographer.

ABOUT GARTH FUERSTE: An award-winning photographer, Garth Fuerste graciously donated his time and talents to assist the Senior math students. The image on this site is used with permission. You can view more of his work at