Hempstead High School Parking Permits

Parking Lot Notice


  • Permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis to applications received by the deadline based first on grade level and then the date/time the application is received.
  • Students receiving permits will be notified the week of June 1.
  • Students who apply by the deadline but do not receive a permit will be placed on a waiting list. As parking spots become available, those on the wait list will be issued permits again based first on grade level and then the date/time the application is received.
  • Students who complete an application AFTER the deadline will go on a secondary waiting list to receive a permit after the entire primary waiting list of applications received by the deadline has been exhausted.
  • Should permits be available for the waiting list of applications completed AFTER the deadline, they will be issued based solely on the date/time the application was received.


  • Students receiving permits can pick them up at Hempstead registration in August, and will need to complete the district’s Online Registration before doing so.
  • The permit fee will be posted to the student’s account prior to registration.
  • To avoid waiting in multiple lines, student’s may pay their fees online and bring the receipt to the parking permit line.
  • A list of students receiving permits will be posted at registration so they may go to the fee payment line first.


  • All permits issued are for the main Hempstead parking lot.
  • Permits are to be placed inside the front windshield on the driver side near the middle.
  • Students must park BETWEEN WHITE LINES ONLY.
  • A City of Dubuque parking ticket will be issued to any vehicle in the parking lot without a current sticker and/or parking outside the white lines.
  • In the event that a student needs to park a vehicle that is not the registered vehicle, the student must report the license plate number to the AP Office prior to the student’s first class of the day or a ticket will be issued. Parking stickers are only valid for the registered vehicle and may not be moved to another vehicle. Tickets will NOT be voided.


  • Student vehicles parked on Hempstead High School property are subject to a search by the Principal or Designee.
  • Students must follow the rules and expectations in the student handbook.
  • Not following the parking rules may result in a $15 City of Dubuque parking ticket, as well as temporary or permanent loss of parking privileges without a refund. Violations include but are not limited to:
    • Parking in the lot without a current parking sticker
    • Not parking in the designated student parking between the white lines
    • Not following all traffic rules in the parking lot
    • Careless and/or reckless driving as determined by Principal or Designee
    • Parking in spaces designated for weekly PBIS PRIDE parking winners
    • Double parking
    • Leaving campus without a pass (once on campus, students must remain on campus unless they have a pass to leave from the Attendance or Health Office prior to leaving the building)
    • Displaying a forged parking permit (students with a forged permit will have the permit confiscated and privileges may be revoked indefinitely)
  • Tickets will be issued beginning on the first day of school.

I understand that if I sell/replace the vehicle registered for a parking permit; I must RETURN MY OLD STICKER (or a portion of it) to the AP Office staff in order to get a new sticker for my new vehicle.