Dubuque Online School FAQs

Following are frequently asked questions about Dubuque Online School.

For additional information, please contact the Dubuque Online School team at onlineschool@dbqschools.org.

Q: What do Imagine Edgenuity classes look like?

A: Imagine Edgenuity is a learning platform specifically designed to support online learning. To learn more about the platform, watch an overview and take a tour of the student experience.

Q: Can students switch to in-person learning?

A: Our goal is to ensure consistency in student learning to the greatest extent possible. To support this, students can switch to in-person learning at the start of a new trimester (middle school) or semester (high school).

Q: Can students who receive special education services or English language support enroll? What about a 504 plan?

A: Yes, students receiving special education, ELL and 504 services or accommodations are welcome to attend the Dubuque Online School. Students will work with certified staff in these areas to support their needs.

Q: Which Advanced Placement (AP) courses will be offered through Imagine Edgenuity?

A: The following AP courses will be offered through Imagine Edgenuity: AP American Government, AP Calculus AB, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP Statistics, AP U.S. History, AP World History.

NOTE: AP Biology, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, Computer Science A, and AP Economics are NOT offered through Imagine Edgenuity, but students may choose to enroll in the course in-person at their address-assigned high school (Dubuque Senior or Hempstead).

Q: Can students enrolled in Dubuque Online School participate in activities and athletics?

A: Yes, students who reside in the Dubuque Community School District boundaries may participate in co- and extra-curricular activities at their address-assigned high school (Dubuque Senior or Hempstead.

This includes co-curriculars, which are courses, such as theatre, choir, band and orchestra. It also includes extra-curricular activities outside of the school day, such as playing a sport, being in a play or musical, robotics, clubs and more! Transportation to and from these activities is the responsibility of the student. Students may travel with their team or group to any events held away from their home school.

Students enrolling in the Dubuque Online School who live outside the Dubuque Community School District boundaries should contact the district they reside in regarding participation in activities in their home district.

Q: My high school student is working toward NCAA Division I or II athletic eligibility, can they still enroll?

A: Yes, they may still enroll in the Dubuque Online School, but must work to ensure that they are meeting NCAA requirements in doing so. Please email onlineschool@dbqschools.org for additional information.

Q: What if a student needs academic help?

A: Each day, there will be set times for students to log on with certified district teachers to receive academic support. In addition, some students may be required to participate in reading or math interventions based on grades, screener scores, or teacher recommendation.

Q: What technology is required for online learning?

A: Students will be provided with a district-issued laptop and charger at the start of the school year. It is recommended that students also have a set or headphones or earbuds.

Q: Will students need any textbooks or course materials?

A: At the beginning of the school year, or at other scheduled times as needed, materials will be distributed to students at pick-up events. Some courses will have packets and textbooks, and art supplies will be provided. Students should also have access to basic school supplies such as a notebook, pencils, and highlighters. Dubuque Online School students will be assessed the same district textbook fee, which covers the cost of necessary instructional materials. NOTE: Students may be eligible to receive a fee waiver based on their household income. More information on how to apply for a fee waiver will be available before registration in August.

Q: Will students participate in state and district-wide testing?

A: Yes, students will participate in state and district-wide testing. District assessments will be offered in an online format. It is a state requirement for students to come in person for the Iowa State Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) in late March or early April.

Q: Can students participate in field trips?

A: Yes, there may be opportunities for students to participate in grade level field trips, especially at the middle-school level.