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What's New at Dubuque Community Schools

Enaan eo Ekaal tok kon Coronavirus nan Eprol 7, 2020

Erkein enaan ko rokaal tata tok jen Dubuque Community School District:

Nan wot kakememej, rijikuul in middle im high school renaj jino kilaaj ko rikaki ro kwaloki lok ilju, Wonje, Eprol 8. Rijikuul ro rej aikuj delon ilo email akkaun ko aer jikuul ear lilok elkin 8 awa jibbon ilo Wonje nan aer lo komlele ko jen rikaki ro aer ikijen kilen aer delon nan lo katak ko. Katak kein kwoj kelet ewi eo kwoj kommane im rej jet ko romman im kamonono, komman bwe rijikuul ro ren maron kadedeikilok ekatak kein rokaal einwot ke renaj maron. Rijikuul ro renaj maron konono iben im bok uaak jen rikaki eo ilo tore eo ej ekatak. Rijikuul ro im baamle ko rej aikuj jerbal iben rikaki ro im principal ro ilo email kin kajitok ko ikijen kilen ekatak kein.

Konke ekar baj lolo wot ke ejjelok jikuul, enaj ejjelok mona ENAJ EJJELOK AJEJ MONA ilo Bolaide in Eprol, 10. Mona nan Taije im Bolaide jimor naj ellewaj ilo Taije in, Eprol 9. Peba in ekatak ko nan wiik 3 renaj ellewaj ilo jikin ebbok mona ko ilo Taije.

Enaan eo moktata jikuul ear karon waj baamle ko kon COVID-19 ekar ilo Maaj 9 im jen kar Maaj 12, kojjela elak kar iwoj ilo aolep kajojo ran in jerbal. Einwot an melele kein moramrom tok ilo aer ukoktak, district in enaj wonmanlok wot ilo an karon waj kom ikijen enaan kein nan baamle ko im rijerbal ro ilo ad dibuk iien kein rebben, mene emaron jab ilo aolep ran elane ejamin wor tok nan kojjelaik kom kaki. Einwot aolep iien, aolepen melele ko ikijen COVID-19 im ad kate koj kajjeon komman jerbal in jiban emaron walok ilo website eo ad ilo im ilo Facebook ak ilo Twitter.

Coronavirus Update: April 7, 2020

Here are the latest updates from the Dubuque Community School District:

As a reminder, middle and high school students will begin teacher-guided learning tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8. Students should login to their district email account after 8 a.m. on Wednesday for information from their teachers on how to access lessons. These optional lessons will be offered in an on-demand format, allowing students to complete the new learning tasks as they are able. Students will communicate with and receive feedback from their teachers during this learning. Students and families should connect with their teachers and principals via email with questions about their learning activities.

Because it was a scheduled no-school day, there will be NO MEALS SERVED this Friday, April 10. Meals for both Thursday and Friday will be available for pick-up this Thursday, April 9. Week 3 printed educational resources will also be available at meal sites on Thursday.

The district’s first update to families regarding COVID-19 was sent on March 9 and since March 12, a daily update has been sent each weekday. As information continues to be fluid and regularly changing, the district will continue to provide regular updates to families and staff as we move through these challenging times, although it may not be on a daily basis if there are no significant updates to share. As always, all of the most recent information regarding our COVID-19 response efforts can be found on our website at and on our official district Facebook or Twitter pages.

Juon enaan nan baamle ko…

Iakwe nan aolep baamle ko an Dubuque Community School District,

Ikar ba nan rikaki ra ad ke ikar lo juon enaan ilo facebook ej kwalok an wiik eo ej jomlok lok likkuun aitok im einwot ne ej make wot aitok tata ilowan iio in. Ij tomak ke kom naj melele – jokjokin an Coronavirus monene ran otemjej, ejab jomlok an itok melele em doolol lok, im ad jab melele ekomman ad inebata im aban nan koj kajojo ran. Einwot baamle, jej melele ke komij jelmae jorren ko ilo jikin jerbal, an ejjelok jerbal, ak jerbal jen moko, ilo ami bareinwot lale im eddo kon ajiri ro, ami kab de kottolok kom jen ro jet – im kio, jiban rijikuul ro nejimi nan wonmanlok wot im komman ekatak. Enaj emman im jenaj aolep ella jen jen wewen in. Rikaki ra ad elab aer on im konaan tobar rijikuul ro. Rej emloke jomdoon eo rokon loe ilo kilaaj ruum im rej bukot kilen aer maron tobar rijikuul ro ilo jokjok in ekaal nan an rijikuul ro maron komman ekatak jen moko. Jej komaat ad maron bukot jet wewen ko nan komman bwe aolep men ren rool nan bar emman einwot kar mokta. Ilo ad loi im melele kon an jab jomlok an itok melele ko jen state ilo ad kajjeon kadedelok wewen ad naj lewaji katak kein nan rijikuul ro ilo ran kane rej bedo tok, jenaj wonmanlok wot im komokaj rijikuul ro im baamle ko imaan tata ilo bebe ko ad. Im, einwot ke jej jab maron kalimur ke allon in lal eban wor ikurbaloklok ie, jej kalimuri kom ke

  • enaj komman jabdewot men jomarone – melele ke baamle ko renaj bar kate er jonan wot aer maron nan ta eo emman nan er ilo tore in. Jej aikuji ami komman ta kom marone ilo ami melele bareinwot ke wewen in ejanin bojrak.
  • Jenaj kate koj nan komman jerbal in katakin kon jonan eo emman tata jemarone, kate koj nan ad jela im maron kadiklok kabanban kein rej jarjar jen wot jokjok in jej aolep jelmae – jej jela ke nan jet baamle, kotobar eo aer elap tata ej lolorjaki menin aikuj ko aer ilo tore in ewalok naninmej in.
  • Eban jomlok ad ellewaj melele ko rejjejet im aorok jen iien nan iien. Ejamin wor uaak ibam aolep iien. Enaj wor melele ak renaj lonlok, im bolon uaak eo an ilju ejamin einwot eo rainin jen wot an ukoktak wewen kein. Botab jenaj keronjake im eoron tok wot enaan.
  • Jenaj lolorjake aolep jerbal kein ad ilo ad enjake ta eo komij eddo kake, im jej melele ke wewen in ej jelet aolepen lal in im eboktok elap jorren im inebata ko jen enjaki enwot rejelet mour im aenomman im emaron boktok aaer in kolmenlokjen, iuwota im jaje ta jen kommane. Jej kajitok bwe komin jab meloklok bwe rikaki im rijerbal rein rej bareinwot jelami ejja wewen kein wot ilo aer kate er jerbal nan komokaj mokta rijikuul ro im baamle ko aer.

Einwot ami kar baj jela wot, rijerbal rein elab aer kate er – im ejab bojrak aer kommani jerbal ko remenin aikuj nan rijikuul ro im baamle ko ilo aer jab watok mekerta wewen kein rebben jej aolep jelmai ilo mour. Baamle ko,eaorok bwe komin melele ke enjake kein rej bar nan kom – jej melele ke ejab bidodo nan kom, im komij kate kom im kijenmij im kommane ta eo emman nan jurake baamle ko ami. Jenaj aolep ella lok jen wewen iben don. Ilo etan Dubuque Community School District, jej uteej in mootan joorlep ko an kamuniti in. Jej uteej im kamoolol kin wewen an baamle ko, district im jukjukinped in bok konaer im jiban ro elap tata aer jermatmat im laanwotwot ibwiljid woj.

Kom ro ilo Jikuul kein an DBQ im jooj ej jimor ibendon ilo wewen in.

Ilo kautej,
Stan Rheingans

April 6: A note to our families…

Dear Dubuque Community Schools Families,

I recently shared with our teachers that I saw a social media post recently commenting on how the past week has felt like the longest year ever. I’m sure that you can relate – the coronavirus situation is evolving daily, information is constant and shifting, and the uncertainty has brought new pressures and challenges to our everyday life.

As families, we know that you are now faced with juggling work, lack of work, or working from home, in addition to providing childcare, continuing social distancing efforts – and now, helping your student continue learning.

We will make it through this together.

Our teachers are longing for connections with students. They miss the energy that comes with the classroom and are working hard to navigate the new territory of keeping students engaged and learning remotely.

We are all striving for some sense of normalcy in times that are anything but normal.

As we receive and work to understand the constantly evolving guidance from the state in order to finalize our learning offerings for students in upcoming days, we will continue to put students and families first in our decision-making.

And, while we can’t promise that the upcoming months will be without bumps, we can promise you the following:

  • We will be flexible – understanding that families will do as much as they can and what is best for them during this time. We ask for that flexibility and understanding in return as the situation continues to evolve.
  • We will work to provide educational opportunities as equitably as possible, working to recognize and reduce barriers to learning exacerbated by this situation – knowing that for many families, their first focus will be on maintaining basic human needs during this pandemic.
  • We will continue communicating regularly and transparently. We won’t always have all the answers. Information will change and evolve, and tomorrow’s answer may be different than today’s due to changing circumstances. But we will always communicate and listen.
  • We will approach all of our work with empathy, realizing that this global situation presents pressures that challenge our emotional wellbeing and can enhance feelings of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. We ask that you remember that our teachers and staff are dealing with these same pressures while working to put our students and families first.

As you know first-hand, our staff are amazing – and they continue to do astounding work with students and families under arguably the most challenging circumstances we have faced in our lifetime. Families, it’s important that you know the same goes for you – we know that you are under immense pressure, are making immense sacrifices and are doing incredible work to support your family.

We will make it through this together.

On behalf of the Dubuque Community School District, we are proud to be part of the bedrock of this community. We are proud of how our families, district and community have stepped up to serve the most vulnerable among us.

We are #DbqSchoolsProud and we are in this together.

Stan Rheingans

Enaan ko Rokaal Kon Coronavirus: Eprol 3, 2020

Erkein enaan ko rokaal tok jen Dubuque Community School District:

Iload ekatak kin kilen katakin kein rej itok jen Ra eo an Jelalokjen ilo Iowa im ilo ad bukot tok wewen ko rommanlok kin kilen katakin ko ebo lok lomaer nan rijikuul rein, jenaj etal wot im jino katakin ilo an rikaki ro kwalok waj kilen kommani katak ko einwot ad kar karoke. Karokan katak kein rar ijjino jen wot wiik ko lok im ejab jarjar jen kojjela eo an Kobna eo inne. Ilo ad wonmanwaj kin kilen katakin in ejab kiel district in nan jotak wot ilo komman katakin, ak ej kotlok ad wonman lok wot ilo ad kottar elon lok melele ko tok jen Ra eo an Jelalokjen ilo Iowa wiik in lal ikijen ad komman kilen katakin kein. Jino jen wonje, Eprol 8 ran, rikai in middle school im high school renaj elmakote jabdewot kilen katakin ko, rikaki ro renaj jiban ilo kwalok waj kilen komman ekatak nan rijikuul ro. Rijikuul ro renaj aikuj delone district email account ko aer elkin 8 awa jibban ilo Wonje bwe ren maron loi komlele ko jen rikaki ro aer ikijen kilen aer maron loi nan kommani katak ko. Katak kein renaj iwoj ilo juon jokjok eo rijikuul eo enaj aikuj kadedelok katak kein rokaal elane renaj maron. Rijikuul eo enaj jerbal iben rikaki nan an bok komlele ko ilo tore eo ej komman ekatak. Rijikuul ro im baamle ko aer remaron konono iben rikaki ro im principal ro ilo email kin kajitok ko kake ekatak ko.

For our younger learners in the districtAjiri jiddik ro rej jikuul ilo district in, kotobar eo ilo kotaan in ej bwe rijikuul ro ren boub, ren ekatak im kile juon oktak im lo aorok eo an ta eo rej kommane. Aolep rikaki ro ilo district in rej kakkobaba kilen katakin ko ilo Seesaw im eban jomlok aer jeje waj nan baamle ko ilo Seesaw ak email im renaj bar call waj. Ebareinwot lon kaein kein ekatak ko ilo peba nan rijikuul in elementary ilo webpage ne ikijen Coronavirus ijene ikijen KILEN KATAKIN. Kin an tar jen jonan eo jar kotmane kake ear maat peba in komlele kin kilen katakin ko rar ajeji ilo jikin ajej mona ko ilo rainin. Ejja peba eo wot kar ajeje ilo rainin naj bar ajeje ilo Mande, Eprol 6 ran nan ro rar jab ebok aer ilo kar rainin.

Kon an ben im aban karreoik kein ikkure ko ilo jikin ikkure ko, im an bar lon armej im ikutkut aer jibjibwi kein ikkure ko, aolep jikin ikkure ko ilo imon jikuul ko an district in rokilok nan an armej etal in kojerbali mae bar juon iien naj kalikare. Kilok in ekar itok elkin wot kar kojjela eo jen Bukon in Dubuque im ebar lon bukon ko jet. Konke elon rijikuul remaron naj konaan kojerbal jikin ikkure kein ilo ran ko emman mejatoto, jej kajitok iben baamle ko nan debij er jen aer etal nan jiban bobrae ajeded in COVID-19.

Juon Jikin Ej Ekatak Kin Aer im Entaan in Komalij An Ajiri ro ear je juon bok in letok melele nan baamle ko Juon Ekatak Buk in Jiban Mama im Baba ro Jiban Baamle ko Tarinaaik Naninmej in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Ekatak in kar eiki nan jiban baamle ko lomnak kin jokjok ko naninmej ko rokabobo romaron jelet baamle – emaron ilo enbwinier ak kolmenlokjen ko aer _ im ta komaron kommane nan jiban baamle eo am tarinaeiki.

Coronavirus Update: April 3, 2020

Here are the latest updates from the Dubuque Community School District:

As we navigate the new guidance from the Iowa Department of Education and work to gain additional details regarding student learning options, we will continue to move forward with teacher-guided learning opportunities next week as planned. Planning for this learning has been underway for more than a week and is not in response to yesterday’s announcement by the Governor. Moving forward with this optional learning does not lock the district into voluntary or required learning, but allows us to proceed as we wait for more details about the application process from the Iowa Department of Education next week.

Beginning on Wednesday, April 8, middle school and high school teachers will provide optional, teacher-guided learning opportunities for students. Students should login to their district email account after 8 a.m. on Wednesday for information from their teachers on how to access lessons. These optional lessons will be offered in an on-demand format, allowing students to complete the new learning tasks as they are able. Students will communicate with and receive feedback from their teachers during this learning. Students and families should connect with their teachers and principals via email with questions about their learning activities.

For our younger learners in the district, the focus during this time is keeping students learning, engaged and curious. Teachers throughout the district are adding activities for students in Seesaw and they continue to reach out to families via Seesaw, email and phone calls. There are also a variety of worksheets and activities for elementary students in the EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES section of our Coronavirus Webpage. With a higher-than-anticipated demand at meal sites, we ran out of handouts at meal sites today. Copies of today’s handouts will be available at meal sites again on Monday, April 6, for those who were unable to get them today.

Given the difficulty in maintaining the sanitization of playground equipment, and the volume/frequency of contact points on the equipment, all school playgrounds in the district are closed to the public until further notice. This closing comes following a similar decision by the City of Dubuque and a number of other municipalities. While it may be tempting for students to use these areas on nice days, we ask families to refrain from doing so in order to reduce any spread of COVID-19.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has developed a new resource for families – a Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The resource is designed to help families think about how an infectious disease outbreak might affect your family—both physically and emotionally—and what you can do to help your family cope.

Enaan eo ekaal an Eprol 2: Eaitoklok an Bojrak Jikuul Nan Eprol 30 ran


Elkin raelep rainin, Kobna eo an Iowa Kim Reynolds ear komman juon kojjela ikijen an kaitoklok kitien kean eo nan an jikuul ko ilo aolepen state in rej bojrak maanlok nan Eprol 30. Bar einwot ilo an ejjelok jikuul ilo kotaan in, aolep makutkut im burokuram ko rej kun.

District in ear ron im jela kin melele kein ilo tore eo ke ej konono kaki iben rinuuj ro, komman bwe en ejjelok uaak in kajitok ko ejanin kar wor uaak nani im ebar lon men ko jet jej aikuj melele nani.
Jej melele im jej enjake an baamle ko inebata ro ewor aer kajitok im ebar lon men ko rej aikuj komlele nani.– Jej bareinwot kate kom bukot ejja uaak kein wot. Jej jerbal im bukot elon lok melele im naj kojjelaik kom kaki iien eo wot jenaj maron tobar melele eo ejimwe im ekkar nan karok kein ejjab bojrak aer itok bwe jen loori.

Einwot an lon wot kajitok ko ad, komin kojatdikdik bwe rijerbal rein ad rar baj bojak wot nan jiban baamle ko einwot jar ennoik ke enaj kar aitoklok an jikuul bojrak. .

Erkein jet men ko jejela rainin:

  • Einwot ad kar konanik waj kom jinoin lok kar wiik in, jino jen Wonje, rikaki ro ilo middle school im high school renaj lewaj katak ko rokkar, rikaki ro renaj jiban rijikuul ro kommani ekatak ko aer. Jenaj loor karok kein maan waj wot ilo ad kottar tok wot enaan jen state ikijen elane kilen katakin kein rokkar im emman nan ad lori im bwe en wewen eo in.
  • Nan rijikuul in elementary ro, rikaki ro renaj ellewaj katak ko im kilen katakin ilo Seesaw, email ak renaj talboon waj.
  • Einwot aolep iien, Jenaj kate koj bwe en jokkun wot juon ilo ad bukot menin aikuj ko an rijikuul ro ilo district in ad ilo ad jolok aolep kabanban ko im bukot lamlam ko nan an jelalokjen ilok nan aolep.
  • Jokdon elane district in enaj kelet bwe en katakin kin jabdewot menin katak ak men ko rej aikuj bwe rijikuul ro rej aikuj ekatak kaki, einwot an alikar tok jen state, jonen awa in jikuul ko rijikuul ro rej aikuj kar kommani ilo jikuul emoj an Kobna eo jolok.
  • Emoj jiron tok kom ke peba/abilkejen eo nan aer kelet elane rokonan ekatak jabdewot kain ak katak ko rej aikuj buki enaj itok Mande, Eprol 6, im enaj jomlok kitien ilo Eprol 10. Jenaj bar likuun lale peba eo elane enaj tobrak tok nan lale bar ta jenaj aiku kommane ilo kotaan in maan waj.
  • Elap ad kate koj bwe kilaaj jonoulruo ro robojak in kadiwojlok renaj kadiwojlok.
  • Jenaj wonmanlok wot ilo ad najidik rijikuul ro mona ko ejjelok wonaer nan rijikuul ro rej aikuji ilo tore in.

Bar juon alen, district in ej kab jela kin enanin aolep melele kaal kein ilo rainin ilo an kar diwoj tok kojjela eo nan aolep im kom jela ke ej naj wor wot jet kajitok. Ilo an janin wor uaak ibam nan elon ian kajitok kein ilo tore in, komij kate kom nan tobar im boktok uaak ko nan am naj kojelaik waj kom kaki ilo ran kane rej bedo tok.

Jet kein tore rej jab bidodo, im kom jela ke elon armej im baamle ko rej iion men ko reben ejjelok kar kotmane kaki. Einwot juon district, komij bojak in dibuk iien kein reben ibami im komij kate kom nan jiban kom kojbarok ejmuur, im aenomman im jelalokjen eo an rijikuul ro nejid.

Kojbarok wot im ejmuur en ilo kom.

Coronavirus Update: April 2, 2020


This afternoon, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued an emergency proclamation extending the statewide school closure through April 30. In addition to no school during this time, all activities and events are also cancelled.

The district learned most of the information shared in the Governor’s press conference as it occurred, leaving many questions unanswered and many other points needing clarification.

We understand and share in the frustration of families who have questions and seek additional details – we strive for those details as well. We are working to gain additional information and will share it with you as soon as we can provide accurate, understandable details regarding the shifting guidance we continue to receive.

While many questions remain, be assured that our teams have been planning to serve families knowing that an extension of this closure was a possibility.

Here are a few items we know today:

  • As we shared earlier this week, beginning next Wednesday, middle school and high school teachers will provide optional, teacher-guided learning opportunities for students. We will continue to move forward with this plan while also awaiting guidance from the state to determine whether or not it is feasible to make these opportunities required.
  • For elementary students, teachers are adding activities for students in Seesaw and they continue to engage with students and families via Seesaw, email and phone calls.
  • As always, we will strive to equitably serve the needs of all students in our district by reducing barriers and providing services in order to make learning accessible to all.
  • Regardless of whether the district chooses a voluntary or required method of continuous education, as defined by the state, the requirement to make up instructional time has been waived by the Governor.
  • We have been told the application to select either the voluntary or required option will be available on Monday, April 6, with a due date of Friday, April 10. We will review the application once available to determine the next steps moving forward.
  • We are committed to ensuring that seniors on track for graduation are able to graduate.
  • We will continue to provide no-cost meals for students who need them during this time.

Again, the district learned most of this new information today as it was announced publicly and we know that you will likely have additional questions as well. While we don’t have the answers to many of the questions at this time, we are working to obtain them and will continue to share them in future updates.

These are challenging times, and we know many individuals and families are facing unanticipated pressures. As a district, we are committed to moving through these times with you and are always committed to supporting the health, safety and education of our students.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

2020 Special Education Delivery Plan Public Comment Sought

Every five years, the Dubuque Community School District updates its Special Education Service Delivery Plan, which outlines how the district implements services for students eligible for an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

As part of this process, public comment is sought on the draft version of then plan.

View the Draft Special Education Service Delivery Plan

Comments on this draft are being accepted through Thursday, April 30 using the form below.

2020 Special Education Services Delivery Plan Feedback

Enaan Ko Rokaal Ikijen Coronavirus: Eprol 1 Ran 2020

Erkein enaan ko rokaal tok jen Dubuque Community School District:

Mwenan eo kein karuo an kein katakin ko rar komman jen Ro Rej Jiban ilo Lolorjake Jelalokjen ilo district in rej kio bed im walok ilo website eo am. Bar juon alen kein katakin kein ilo wiik in rej Kolmenlokjen ko kin Kilen Katakin + Ta ko Maron komani im ewor Kilen Katakin ikijen Jomdon ko im Enjake ko, im ebar lon kain Peba ko nan an Rijikuul ro Jerbal im Kaminene nan wiik in. Ewor kein jiban ko nan rijikuul ro ilo elementary, middle school im high school. Kajojo iian kein katakin kein bar juon alen rej elmakot wot, kein kaminene nan aolep ro rej ekatak ilo aolep kilaaj ko, im ej walok website ko ebool kain kein ekatak ko elap aer emman in lap tokjaer ilo online. Enaj iwoj komele kein ilo peba ilo jikin ebbok mona ko ilo Bolaide in, Eprol 3 ran.

LALE KEIN EKATAK KEIN ilo webpage eo ad kon Coronavirus nan ami maron loi wewen katakin kein.

Jejkate wot koj nan jiban rijikuul ro rej aikuji jiban ko nan ro ewor utamwe ipeer ilo tore in ej kilok wot jikuul im jar ejaki kein jiban im lewaj komlele im ewor ijoko konaan ro rej ekatak ilo aolep level. Einwot an district jab maron komman katakin ilo tore in ekilok jikuul, im jab maron Jiban rijikuul ro ewor aer mojno ilo ekatak ko aer, rikaki ro an ajiri ro ewor aer utamwe rej jab jomlok aer bukot kilen aer tobar rijikuul ro im baamle ko aer nan lewaj jiban ilo kwalok komlele kein jen district nan jiban debij wot rijikuul ro nan aer komman ekatak. Elane ajiri eo nejum ej maron delon ilo burokuram ko an special education ak kojanin ron jen iben rikaki ro an special education, jouj im jab mijak in kajjeon tobar rikaki eo ak principal eo an jikuul eo nan bukot jiban.