Re-engage Dubuque

Re-engage Dubuque is a partnership between the Dubuque Community School District, Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), and Project HOPE. This community initiative aims to connect students who have recently dropped out of school to alternative educational options and post-secondary education.

High school can be tough.

Some students feel lost in their classes and are ready to drop the whole high school thing.

Maybe life is so crazy that it’s hard to concentrate on school work.

Or maybe it just feels like a big waste of time.

Dropping out isn’t the only option.

Michael Smith and Eric Balayti, re-engagement coaches, work with individual students to develop a personalized plan for completing a high school diploma or GED and exploring options for further study.

There are NEW programs available to students to make it a whole lot easier to get their high school diploma or GED – and more! (In some cases you can even do it in a shortened amount of time.)

Thinking of dropping out? Know someone who is or already has?

Call or stop by the Re-engage Dubuque office for a chance to talk with NO COMMITMENT NEEDED.

Or, contact one of our re-engagement coaches:

Hear firsthand from other students who have chosen to re-engage. Watch now.