Future Planning

Developing Interests

It’s never too early to expose your student/s to different kinds of experiences and activities in order to help them form ideas about what they might like to do in the future. Help them find their passion by exposing them to different involvements, whether through the schools or within the community. This should not be stressful and overwhelming. Test the waters with small commitments and see what sticks for them. Keep talking to your student/s and listen to what they enjoy. Find ways to connect them to learning more about their interests.

Look in the Community

Volunteer Opportunities

School Activities

  • School-based club and activities (check home school website for more information)
  • School-based athletics (check home school website for more information)
  • Exploring Post

Post-Secondary Options

There can be various paths one can take to get to their destination. Here are some options we help our students explore and learn more about:

Entering the Workforce

  • Apprenticeships



  • Certificate/Licensure programs
  • 2-year Community College
  • 4-year College

Visit our high school counseling office websites for additional information:

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Counseling Office

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