Say Something

Success begins with a feeling of safety.

The Dubuque Community School District strives to ensure that each and every student has a pathway to a successful future, and we know that for this to happen, every individual in our district needs to begin with a feeling of safety.

When those among us don’t feel safe (students and staff alike), we must step up and address the issue. That’s why, the district has purposefully and thoughtfully created systems to ensure that issues of bullying/harassment or discrimination are dealt with promptly and appropriately.

Where to start…

Say something. Our experience tells us that the vast majority of concerns can be addressed most immediately and effectively when they are raised first at the building level with the principal or the department level with the area’s supervisor.

When you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed something of concern, we encourage you to say something in one or more of the following ways:

If you have a situation that requires immediate emergency response…

please call 911 for 24/7 assistance.

If you are comfortable and safe doing so…

communicate to the harasser or bully that you expect the behavior to stop.

If you need assistance or support communicating to the harasser or bully…

report the concern to a school staff member or another trusted adult.

If you’d feel more comfortable sharing your concern electronically…

complete the Online Concern Form anonymously or with your contact information and a school or district administrator will be in touch with next steps.

If the concern cannot be remedied collaboratively with the school, or for those wishing to immediately file a formal complaint, there is a grievance procedure in place to report alleged violations of the district’s bullying, harassment and discrimination policies.

View Board Policy #1001: Anti-Bullying / Anti-Harassment (PDF)

View Board Policy #1005: Anti-Discrimination (PDF)

View Board Policy #1006: Discrimination and Harassment Based on Sex Prohibited (PDF)

If you feel an investigation is warranted, review the grievance procedure included and/or referenced in the policies linked above and…

complete the Complainant Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Incident Report (PDF).