English Language Learners

Philosophy and Mission

Every instructional event is also an English learning opportunity for English Learners. Based on this premise, the Dubuque Community School District’s English Learner program provides specialized and specific instruction to support social and academic learning proficiency through a combination of formal English language instruction and academic support. In collaboration with students, teachers, and families we strive to teach all and reach all. Therefore, our mission as EL professionals will be to collaborate to fully support English Learners and their families, both academically and culturally.

Purpose of Lau Plan and Procedure Manual

The Dubuque Community School District’s Lau Plan and Procedure Manual serves as guidance for addressing the linguistic needs of English Leaners (ELs) and for implementing appropriate programming designed to reduce linguistic barriers to the Core instructional program.

View the District’s Lau Plan and Procedure Manual (PDF)

Federal legislation requires every school district to have a program plan in place to serve ELs. The plan must ensure that immediately upon enrollment, the EL has access to a specialized language instruction educational program (LIEP). The plan for meeting the linguistic needs of ELs must provide resources to support the LIEP and the academic achievement of ELs, using state and local funds.

The Iowa Department of Education requires that all school districts report their plan to identify and serve ELs in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to the Department of Education. The DCSD’s Lau Plan is embedded in the annual CASA Plan submitted to the Iowa Department of Education. The district’s Lau Plan ensures that there is an approved process in place for the identification of ELs, as well as a plan to begin English language development services for such students immediately upon enrollment. In addition, the DCSD’s Lau Plan includes screening procedures and a plan for administering an annual assessment of the students’ English language development. The plan also identifies LIEP models for ELs.