Stop Means Stop

When you see a school bus stop arm, Iowa law requires you to stop.

The safety of our kids depends on it.

OBEY THE LAW. Stop for school buses.

HELPFUL HINT: In the sections of South Grandview Avenue in Dubuque where it is a divided two-lane road, VEHICLES MUST STOP IN BOTH LANES!


  1. Approaching the bus from the FRONT:…when meeting a school bus with flashing amber warning lamps shall reduce the vehicle’s speed to not more than twenty miles per hour, and shall bring the vehicle to a complete stop when the school bus stops and the stop signal arm is extended.”
  2. Approaching the bus from the REAR:“…overtaking a school bus shall not pass a school bus when red or amber warning signal lights are flashing.”
  3. Approaching the bus from the FRONT with MULTIPLE lanes:…two or more lanes in each direction need not stop upon meeting a school bus which is traveling in the opposite direction.” (In Dubuque, this includes highways 20, 61, 151)