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Public Library Search

Through the Public Library Student Access Program, students may search for and access materials from their public library based on their home address.

Students with a home address in Dubuque go to:

Carnegie-Stout Public Library

Students with a home address in Asbury or Dubuque County go to:

Dubuque County Library District

Students with a home address outside of Dubuque County may access materials at either library.

About The Public Library Student Access Program

The Dubuque Community School District has partnered with the Carnegie-Stout Public Library (CSPL) and Dubuque County Library District (DCLD) to provide middle and high school students access to more educational resources. Students are able to use their Student ID card as their library card to check out print materials in person and access a variety of digital materials online.

Learn more at: www.dbqschools.org/public-library-student-access