Meal Programs


For the 2023-2024 school year, families wishing to receive MEAL ASSISTANCE fall into three main categories:

DIRECT CERTIFICATION: a household member receives federal SNAP or FIP benefits; receives a DHS letter; is homeless, a runaway or migrant; is a foster child.

  • Regardless of where your student attends, free or reduced-priced meals are automatic and no additional meal assistance form is needed.


COMMUNITY ELIGIBILITY PROVISION: a household member attends Alta Vista Campus, Audubon, Hoover, Jefferson, Lincoln, Marshall, Prescott, Washington.

  • ALL students in these schools receive no-cost meals, regardless of income and no additional meal assistance form is needed.

FREE AND REDUCED-PRICED MEALS: a household member attends Bryant, Carver, Eisenhower, Hempstead, Irving, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Sageville, Senior, Table Mound.


Based on federal income eligibility guidelines, households may also qualify to have district FEES WAIVED OR REDUCED. Families wishing to receive a FEE WAIVER must waive confidentiality of household income eligibility status by completing a fee waiver application.

NEW THIS YEAR: To make accessing the fee waiver application as easy as possible, it is now included in the district’s online registration process completed by each family.

  • For those requesting a fee waiver, only ONE fee waiver application PER HOUSEHOLD is required. Fee waiver applications completed in online registration meet this requirement and cover all school-aged children in the household.
  • Depending on your meal assistance category above, you may be asked to complete an income verification form to determine eligibility.

Are you eligible for meal assistance or fee waiver benefits?

Find out by reviewing the income chart below.

2023-2024 Federal Income Guidelines Chart

Household Size Yearly Monthly Twice per Month Every Two Weeks Weekly
1 26,973 2,248 1,124 1,038 519
2 36,482 3,041 1,521 1,404 702
3 45,991 3,833 1,917 1,769 885
4 55,500 4,625 2,313 2,135 1,068
5 65,009 5,418 2,709 2,501 1,251
6 74,518 6,210 3,105 2,867 1,434
7 84,027 7,003 3,502 3,232 1,616
8 93,536 7,795 3,898 3,598 1,799
Each additional person: 9,509 793 397 366 183

NOTE: Families are required to submit appropriate paperwork EACH YEAR to receive meal assistance and fee waiver benefits with eligibility determined by the federal income eligibility guidelines for that school year.