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Welcome. Yokwe. Bienvenidos.

Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or just our schools, welcome to our learning community.

With 18 schools and over 10,500 students, we understand the impact education has on children and families. That’s why we aim to develop world-class learners and citizens of character who we are proud to see headed toward bright futures. Each and every day, we provide our students with the best education possible and serve the area’s most diverse and complex student body.

As you explore our schools, check out a few points of pride to the right and get acquainted with us in the videos below.

We believe in each and every student: First and foremost, students are the reason we are here and we are committed to their success.

Technology + Learning: See how technology is enhancing student learning.

Amazing teachers. Successful Students: Meet a few of the amazing teachers and students in the district.

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To develop world-class learners and citizens of character in a safe, inclusive learning community.

Strong graduation rates. Iowa has the highest graduation rate in the nation and in Dubuque, we help set the bar high. Our average high school four-year graduation rate is almost 90 percent (second among the state’s largest school districts for the Class of 2017).

Our high schools are nationally recognized. Both Dubuque Senior High School and Hempstead High School were named among America’s Best High Schools by US News within the past three years.

Technology is everywhere. We are committed to providing students with access to the latest technology – investing over $15 million in the last five years. In 2017, every ninth-grade student received a district laptop as part of our Anytime, Anywhere Learning Initiative. Elementary students have daily access to computers for learning and we even have some school buses equipped with WiFi to close the homework gap and make time on the bus productive.

We rock on the ACT. Our students average a score of 23.2 on the ACT. Compare that to the national average of 21 and the state average of 21.9.

Supporting Advanced Placement. Both Dubuque Senior High School and Hempstead High School rank in the top 25 school districts in the 2018 Iowa AP Index, with a 1.14 and 1.75, respectively. For reference, an AP Index of 1.00 means that the number of AP exams for that school equals the number of graduates. A high AP Index is a reflection that a school has developed a culture that is supportive of student participation in AP courses and exams.

Our teachers are amazing! We know that excellent teachers lead to successful students – and you will find staff across the district who go above and beyond to serve students. Meet a few of them in the videos to the left!

Our students are ready for life after high school. In every area measured by the ACT, our students exceed state indicators for college readiness.

Recognized for Music Excellence. The Dubuque Community School District honored with the distinction of “2023 Best Communities for Music Education” by the NAMM Foundation.

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