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Leadership Enrichment After-School Programs (LEAP)

Whether it’s expressing yourself on stage, trying a new sport for the first time, or learning creative ways to use technology, Leadership Enrichment After-School Programs (LEAP) are a great way for middle school students to have fun (and learn a thing or two!).┬áBest of all, all programs are FREE!

View upcoming LEAP activities at each school:

Jefferson LEAP Activities

Roosevelt LEAP Activities

Washington LEAP Activities

Why is LEAP important to our students?

LEAP programming maximizes student participation in out-of-school activities engaging students with diverse interests. LEAP benefits our students by:

  • providing opportunities for those who may not already be involved with clubs or sports to try new activities and build self-confidence
  • creating stronger personal connections to school and peer groups
  • providing free tutoring and homework help
  • offering a safe environment during hours when many parents are still at work

Contact Jackie Lambe
LEAP Facilitator

Or contact your school’s activities director!