Dubuque Online High School

The Dubuque Community School District is pleased to launch Dubuque Online School for the 2022-2023 school year.

Dubuque Online School will provide high school students (grades 9-12) with a rigorous course schedule of online instruction delivered through a combination of:

  • on-demand classes using Imagine Edgenuity online learning platform
  • live virtual classes using Microsoft Teams video streaming platform

What will the learning experience look like?

Students will follow the Dubuque Community School District calendar and a daily course schedule that includes a combination of on-demand and live virtual classes.

PLUS, based on their course plan, students wishing to take a high school course not offered in an online format have the option of taking that course in person at their address-assigned school (either Dubuque Senior High School or Hempstead High School).

On-Demand Classes Live Virtual Classes
Students will:

  • use Imagine Edgenuity to access video-based instruction and practice assignments, followed by assessment and projects
  • have access to certified district teachers for support during school hours

Courses include:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • World Cultures
  • Select Applied Learning
  • Select Fine Arts
  • Select Electives
  • Select Advanced Placement Courses
Students will:

  • use Microsoft Teams to participate in scheduled live instruction from a certified district teacher

Courses include:

  • Spanish
  • Wellness
  • Select Applied Learning
  • Select Electives

Imagine Edgenuity is a learning platform specifically designed to support online learning. To learn more about the platform, watch an overview and take a tour of the student experience

Learn More

View our frequently asked questions page for more information and answers to common questions.

For additional information, please contact the Dubuque Online School team at onlineschool@dbqschools.org.