Copyright Law

School Board Policy #6224, Use of Copyrighted Information Resources outlines the use of copyrighted materials. This excerpt below outlines some main points of the policy:

While the school district encourages employees to enrich the learning programs by making proper use of supplementary materials, it is the responsibility of employees to abide by the school district’s copying procedures and obey the requirements of the law. In no circumstances shall it be necessary for school district staff to violate copyright requirements in order to perform their duties properly. The school district will not be responsible for any violations of the copyright law by employees or students. Violation of the copyright law by employees may result in discipline up to, and including, termination. Violation of the copyright law by students may result in discipline, up to and including, suspension or expulsion.

As such, all Print Center users must complete the copyright section of the Print Center Work Order. Orders with an incomplete copyright section, or orders that appear to violate copyright law, will be returned to the user.

REMEMBER, individual staff are responsible for obtaining proper copyright permission and may be subject to additional discipline or legal action depending on the circumstances.

See the full board policy for additional details.