Glossary of Terms

Collate Terms

To arrange individual sheets in the order submitted when printing multiple pages.

To print individual sheets separately when printing multiple pages.

Staple Terms

Corner Staple
To insert one staple in the upper left corner to bind multiple pages.

Side Staples
To insert two staples on the left or top side to bind multiple pages.

To insert two staples through the center of folded sheets to bind a book or booklet.

Trim Terms

Uniform Margin (for trim orders)
An equal margin added to all four sides of each piece on the sheet to ensure text or images are not cut off when trimmed and individual pieces are uniform.

See the templates page for various file layouts set with proper trim margins.

Fold Terms

Half Fold
To fold one or more sheets in half to create two front panels and two back panels. Used for programs, booklets or to fit into a 6×9 envelope.

Letter Fold
To fold one or more sheets in thirds to create three front panels and three back panels. Used for brochures or to fit into a standard business envelope.

Gutter Margin
A margin added to the center of folded sheets to compensate for the part of the paper that is made unusable by the binding. In most cases, an equal margin is added to both sides of the fold.

See the templates page for program, booklet and brochure files set with proper gutter margins.

Punch Terms

3-hole Punch
To punch three circular holes on the left side of one or more sheets to fit into a 3-ring binder or folder.

Comb Punch (long and short sides)
To punch rectangular holes on the short or long side of multiple sheets to fit plastic comb binding.