Lamination Only Jobs

Instructions and order guidelines for:

Hard Copy Submissions by Mail


  1. Complete hard copy work order available at all district locations (if possible, please use a red or colored pen to increase readability)
  2. Secure originals in an envelope or plastic resealable bag
  3. Submit WHITE and YELLOW copies of completed work order and originals to print center via district mail
  4. Keep PINK copy for your reference


Standard Requirements

  • cardstock (90# index) paper works best; standard (20# index) paper acceptable but may wrinkle
    • NOTE: foam core, layered art projects and other thick materials may not seal and will be returned to sender
  • minimum 3″ in width, length or diagonal
  • maximum 40″ in width or length preferred (may laminate up to 42″ if needed)

Additional Requirements

  • initial individual pieces, if possible, to ensure order remains together
  • flatten painted originals (which tend to curl when drying) to avoid wrinkles

Not Accepted

  • originals with multiple layers (lamination will not seal)
  • originals with staples, clasps, lumps of dried glue, or other hard objects (damages equipment)
  • originals with glitter (spreads to other orders and equipment)
  • originals with waxy crayon (melts from heat)
  • originals with white crayon (disappears from heat)

7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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