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High School Online Resources

Learning Opportunities:

Language Arts:



Social Studies:

World Languages:

All Languages:

  • Word Reference  for unknown vocabulary
  • Quizlet  Continue with practicing vocabulary via flaschcards/ create your own quizlet account and make your own
  • Conjuguemos  Practice some grammar/ structure (click on ‘use without and account and then go to the ‘library’ to find your language
  • duolingo  Download the app and practice your target language




English Language Learners:


  • 99% Invisible  Watch episodes, listen to podcasts, and/or read articles about “all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world” and discuss what you learned with family or friends.
  • Career Exploration  Start exploring career clusters! Kuder Navigator, the district’s career information system, helps students explore and prepare for various options after high school. Students take assessments beginning in middle school that identifies their interests, skills and work values that are matched up to career clusters, pathways and occupations. Students login through Clever Portal.
  • StoryCorps  A public service dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing people’s stories in order to build connections between people. Stories get uploaded to the Library of Congress for preservation. Consider participating.




Social Emotional Engagement:

Family Check Ins: