It can be said that schools are the window to the future. For one area couple, a passion for historical preservation and community vibrancy will enhance the windows at Bryant Elementary School – literally.

Through a donation to the Dubuque Community School District, John and Alice Butler will fund the replacement and renovation of windows and doors at Bryant Elementary School to return them to their appropriate historic style. In addition, the project will include new historical exterior lighting at the school. Cost of the project, and amount of the donation, is $780,000.

“This project will bring Bryant Elementary School to life in a way that we would not be able to accomplish within our normal budgetary resources,” said Superintendent Stan Rheingans. “A passion of the Butlers, this project will not only create a refined historical aesthetic, but it will also vastly enhance daylight in the building while including an energy-efficiency component – both providing a very functional benefit to the building.”

As a donation, funds will be restricted to the scope of the project and will allow for completion without the use of any taxpayer funds. Rheingans said that while important and worthwhile, it would be difficult to complete a project like this within the district’s resources given the large list of priorities that exist across the district.

“Neighborhood schools enhance the sense of place in our community and play a vital role in shaping a community,” said John Butler, who is an alumnus of Bryant. “Inside, the project at Bryant will provide students with a brighter and more energized environment. Outside, this neighborhood landmark will be rejuvenated.”

Bryant Elementary School, known at first as South Dodge Street School, was initially a wooden structure built in 1869. The school took the name of Bryant Elementary in 1889 and was reconstructed in 1940 as it currently stands.

For more information, contact the DCSD School and Community Relations Office at (563)552-3020.