Due to the forecast for excessive heat, combined with heat build-up in schools, the Dubuque Community School District will operate on a two-hour early release tomorrow, Friday, September 4. Afternoon preschool will be canceled. Temperatures in some district classrooms today reached heat-index values of over 105 degrees.

After carefully considering all scheduling options, and realizing that families and childcare providers have already made Friday morning arrangements, tomorrow’s late arrival will be held as scheduled. As a reminder, this means school will start one-hour later than the Monday through Thursday start time.

In the past, it would not have been possible to have both a late start and early release because the time would not have counted as a school day. Now that the district tracks time in hours, tomorrow’s time will still count toward completion of the school year. Know that our building teams will work to ensure that this shortened day is still an educationally valuable one.