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District-Wide Updates

District-Wide Update 6

Check out our revamped District-Wide Update!

This month features the Vision to Learn Program providing eyeglasses to students, Washington Middle School’s Mock Presidential Convention, and a Senior High School renovation planning update!

District-Wide Update 5 (2015-2016)

Check out this episode featuring the district-wide band concert, a Hempstead Honors Biology crime scene experiment, a visit by the Governor to learn about the district’s teacher leadership program, and a juggling Savvy Student!

District-Wide Update 4

Check out this episode featuring an adaptive sports program, Marshall Elementary’s community group, Alternative Learning Center students produce public service announcements, and a sports-focused Kids Talk!

District-Wide Update 3

Check out this episode featuring Washington Middle School’s Titanic exhibits, Hempstead students hear from Vietnam veterans, students enjoy locally sourced produce for Farm-to-School Month, and a RamCam Crew Savvy Student Challenge.

District-Wide Update 1 (2015-2016)

Check out this year’s first District-Wide Update, featuring high school Respect Retreats, welcoming a new School Board member, recognizing Deaf Awareness Month, and a gluten-free Savvy Student Challenge!

District-Wide Update 13

IN THIS EPISODE: Visual arts and architecture merge in the ‘Be Our Guest’ Program, the Great Music Listening Festival, a GoPro look at physical activities, students meet Iowa Rep. Abby Finkenauer, and a celebratory Savvy Student Challenge.