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What's New at Dubuque Community Schools

Up Close: Jim Metcalf

Up Close introduces us to the amazing individuals that make up the Dubuque Community School District. In this edition, meet bus driver Jim Metcalf, who retired on November 14 at 55 years of service to the district.

Bowling ball hits pins

Grant from area bowling associations lands a strike

A recent gift from the Dubuque area chapters of the United States Bowling Congress Bowling Association and Women’s Bowling Association is helping make the sport of bowling accessible to elementary-school students in the Dubuque Community School District.

The classroom kit, which is used in elementary wellness classes across the district, includes six bowling carpet lanes, weighted pin sets, rubberized bowling balls and carrying bags, as well as scoring sheets and a bowler education curriculum.

In addition to this kit, the associations provided adaptive equipment to allow students of all abilities to participate – including a bowling ramp and adaptive bowling ball.

“Bowling is a sport that students across the district look forward to in wellness classes,” said Amy Hawkins, the district’s activities and athletics director. “We are happy to have the equipment to maintain bowling in our curriculum and we are thankful to the bowling associations for their support of students in Dubuque.”

Breakout box photo

Break-Out: An Introduction to Viruses

A series of locks were all that stood between Hempstead High School biology students and the antidote to zombie virus unleashed by an evil doctor. (Fictionally, of course!)

The antidote sat in an unassuming series of locked boxes in the classroom. The students’ goal? Work together to uncover the clues about viruses that led them to unlocking the antidote.
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Up Close: Chris Burke

Up Close introduces us to the amazing individuals that make up the Dubuque Community School District. In this edition, meet Roosevelt Middle School teacher, and current District Teacher of the Year, Chris Burke!

Seventh-grade football cancelled, Oct. 10, 2017

Seventh-grade football games in the Dubuque Community School District are cancelled for today, Tuesday, October 10, due to inclement weather. This includes the game at Roosevelt Middle School versus Mazzuchelli Middle School, as well as the game at Washington Middle School versus Drexler Middle/Intermediate School.

Dubuque Senior High School to Unveil Ram Sculpture During Homecoming Weekend, Oct. 14

The main entrance of Dubuque Senior High School will soon be adorned with a 10-foot-high Ram sculpture, proudly welcoming past, present and future members of the school’s “Ram Fam.”

A dedication for the new statue will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 14, at the site of the statue. Members of the public are invited to attend the dedication.

The sculpture, which was funded and donated to the school by the Dubuque Senior High School Alumni Association, is named “Mountain Royalty.” It was created by James Marsico of Mountain Valley Artistry in Cody, Wyo.

ALERT: Two-Hour Early Release TODAY, Monday, Sept. 25

All Dubuque Schools (public and parochial) will release two-hours early TODAY, Monday, Sept. 25, due to excessive heat build-up in schools over the weekend and the forecast for continued heat throughout the day.

All district-run afternoon preschool is cancelled.