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Articles from January 2015


Free Four-Year-Old Preschool Registration Begins Monday, Feb. 2

Registration for free four-year-old preschool in the Dubuque Community School District will begin on Monday, Feb. 2. This includes Dubuque’s 11 public schools offering preschool through the Statewide Voluntary Free Preschool Program.

Parents and guardians may register students in person at the selected site, beginning when that site’s office opens on February 2. Proof-of-age, preferably a birth certificate, is required to register a student. A passport or signed immunization record will be accepted if necessary.

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District Releases Proposed 2015-16 School Calendar

The Dubuque Community School District has released its proposed calendar for the 2015-16 school year.

The first full day of school in the proposed calendar is September 1, with orientation programs being held on August 31. Given this start date, the last scheduled day of classes is June 6.

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Business After School, Feb. 3-5

High school students have endless career opportunities ahead of them – and many leading industries are represented right here in Dubuque.

But, it’s hard to know what possibilities exist without learning more. That’s where Business After School comes in – a new, FREE three-day event that creates experiential and work-based learning opportunities for students, educators and teachers in the high-demand job sectors of advanced manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, IT/computer science, and general business.

After school on February 3, 4, and 5, a variety of area businesses will offer interactive sessions to give students a look at their industry and give them tips on education and skills needed to enter the field.

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Next Stop, NASA

By Taylor Ryan

Ann Arnold’s classroom at the Alternative Learning Center (ALC) is looking a little more like a racetrack these days.

Watch your step as small robots programmed by students navigate this masking tape course stuck to the classroom floor. Each group constructed their own robots using pieces sent to the class in a kit. The small rovers are able to communicate with commands via the internet, use sensors to determine when objects are in front of them, and emit sounds and light, all based on what students automated them to do.

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Next Stop, NASA

Shout Out: Carol Coohey

Carol Coohey has been transporting students in the district to school for 10 years! We are pleased to give her (and the other drivers who keep our students safe everyday) our latest shout out!

Shout Out: Carol Coohey
news_HS_juried_exhibit_Liz Soer_DSHS

High School Students Featured in Art Exhibit

Students from Dubuque Senior High School and Hempstead High School have been selected to have their art featured in the Dubuque High Schools Juried Art Show at the University of Dubuque’s Bisignano Art Gallery located within Heritage Center. The public is invited and the show is free of charge.

The exhibition highlights works juried by high school art teachers from Dubuque Senior High School, Hempstead High School, and Wahlert High School.  The 14 works in the show are in various media including ceramics, painting, photography, pen and ink, multimedia and weaving.

The juried show was quite successful last year and entering its second year, Bisignano Art Gallery Director Alan Garfield said the show is marked by “real pep, pace, and force that puts the emphasis on story telling”.  Garfield credits the success of the exhibit to the coordination between the various art teachers and Cheryl Werner, the school district’s arts coordinator.

In a juried show, the jurors are typically unknown to the artists but this show took a different feel. “We asked the teachers themselves to choose the artwork,” said Garfield. “These are the teachers who instruct and meet with these students on a daily basis. We asked each teacher to operate…not in the capacity of a teacher or an advisor, but as a judge with a bit of psychical distance, if possible.  This the teachers did with admirable skill.”

According to Garfield, this show does not purport to demonstrate an aesthetic or direction in art by these 14 students in Dubuque. “Here we have different students with different teachers exploring different content within different media and skill sets,” said Garfield. “And yet we clearly see postmodern visual arts in this show – the notion of a rejection of ‘pure form’ and objective beauty, choosing instead to rely on the fusion of disparate art elements and form.”

The Bisignano Art Gallery is open Monday through Friday, 12:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. and the exhibit runs through February 6.