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Articles from July 2020

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Learning Method Selection Update

THANK YOU to our families for completing the Learn Method Selection Form as we prepare to begin the school year in hybrid and online learning models.

We are pleased to share that with over 8,800 form submissions, and follow-up calls to approximately 1,800 students by our amazing building teams, we have received responses from 93 percent of our students!

Based on these initial results, approximately 78.3 percent of our families plan to begin the year in the hybrid format and approximately 21.7 percent of our families plan to begin fully online.

Our teams are now working hard on the next steps in the process. This includes creation of A and B groups, which involves many interlocking systems. We are working to complete the groups as quickly as possible and will send an update on groupings to you early next week.

Again, thanks for your ongoing support – we are very excited to welcome our students back to school!

Rool-Ñan-Ķatõk Kajjitõk ko Ekkā Kajjitõki

Ilo ad bojak im kajjitõk ibben baamle ko ñan kālet ikijjeen Hybrid ak Katõk wõt oonlain objen ko ilo jinoin iiõ in jikuul in, emõj kõllaajraki uaak kein ñan kajjitõk kein ekkā kajjitõki ke kim ar rijiib.


Jejelā bwe enaaj wõr kõkobaba in nej kajjitõk ko ilo ad nej ilo am nej bukõt mejlan tore kein im kanooj kammolol kom kin kijenmij ko ami ilo am jerpal imaan lok. Jenaaj wõnmanlok wõt im update peij eo an kajjitõk ko ekkā kajjitõki ilo itõk wõt melele.

Kim ej kõjatdrikdrik bwe jerpal kein renaaj lelok ñan baamle ko jet melele ko ñan jibañ er kõmman kālet ko remman ñan baamle eo aer ilo an iiõn jikuul in ijjino.

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Return-to-Learn Selection Now Available

The selection form for families to select their desired learning method (hybrid or fully online) to begin the school year is now available and was sent to families via ParentSquare.

In the hybrid option, each primary household in the district will be assigned an A day or B day on which they would attend school in person. On opposite days, students would participate in at-home learning.

In the fully online option, students will learn in a completely remote setting. In this option, students will remain students of their school and the district.

Families are asked to complete the form no later than Monday, July 27, to select either the hybrid or fully online option for each student in their household. If you have problems accessing the form, please email

We understand that this is a difficult decision for many families. Please know that we are here to support the decision you feel is best for your family.

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Return-to-Learn Frequently Asked Questions Now Available

As we prepare to ask families to select either the hybrid or fully online learning option for the start of the school year, we’ve compiled answers to the most common questions we have received.


We know that there will continue to be additional questions as we navigate these times and appreciate your patience as we work through them. We will continue to update the Frequently Asked Questions page as additional information becomes available.

We hope this information provides families with the information needed to make the best decision for their family as the school year begins.

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Recommendation to Begin Year in Hybrid Model

Good Evening DCSD Families,

As you know, we have been continually engaged in planning for our return to learning in August. We have researched best practices across the nation, attended return-to-learn webinars by top experts at the University of Iowa College of Public Health, consulted with local public health officials, and more.

I am writing to share with you that at this afternoon’s School Board committee meeting, I officially recommended that the district begin the year in a HYBRID MODEL for all grades PreK through 12. In this model, each primary household in the district will be assigned an A day or B day on which they would attend school in person. On opposite days, students will participate in at-home learning.

The district will also offer a completely online option, with dedicated district staff, for families not comfortable sending their children to school for in-person learning.


The safety of our students and staff remains at the forefront of our planning. The hybrid option will allow us to most effectively implement the key prevention measure most often cited by medical experts: social distancing. Students and staff will also be required to wear face coverings and many other safety and prevention protocols will be put in place. Through this format, we will begin to welcome students back at a slow, measured pace.

I know that this decision brings with it many questions – many of which we are not able to answer today. The decision also brings with it the opportunity for families to begin planning for the start of the school year and for staff to increasingly focus our work as we move through the next month.

Much more information will follow in upcoming days and weeks. This is uncharted territory for all schools and we appreciate your ongoing work and support.


Stan Rheingans
Superintendent of Schools

Karok eo nan bar rool in jikuul im kajitok ko kake

Iakwe nan Baamle ko im Rijerbal ro,

Rainin, Ikonan kojelaik kom kon elmakot in karok eo an Dubuque Community School District nan bar jeblak tok nan ekatak im jikuul. Kojela in ear bok ellon allon ko in jerbal jen elon kumi in jerbal ko, aolep ro rar erre maanlok im lomnak nan kobooj jinoin iio in jikuul in 2020-2021.

Karok in ej nan kwalok juon kolmenlokjen eo edibakbak ikijen karokan wewen katkain eo jej kobooje einwot jikin lolorjake ekatak im jelalokjen

  • Komman ekatak-ilo-likieo in armej
  • Komman ekatak ilo internet im kon kampiutor
  • Kobaan kilen katakin kein jimor, ilo likieo in armej im kab bareinwot ilo online.

Elmakot in karok in ej kwalok jonak im kilten ko naj kojerbali nan kojparok ejmuur in bwe en jab laplok naninmej.


Ij kalikar ijin ke ejkab maanjen ad jok na lomen wewen Bar-Jeblak-In Jikuul itok wot jen jokjokin an COVID-19 jab bojrak, im ilo an rijerbal ro ad komman maanjabpopo nan jinoin iio in jikuul ej pedo tok, elmakot in im ebar lon komadmod ko jet mottan renaj bolon ukooktak jen iien nan iien.

Ejja ilo iien in wot, ewor ad tomak ke eaorok bwe jen kalimomoik elmakot in karok kein ibami im bareinwot bok am lomnak. Jej kojatdikdik bwe kom naj bok jidik iien im uaake kajitok kein waj ikijen Bar-Jeblak in-Jikuul, eo im enaj jerbal nan kanuj jiban ad ejake elmakot in kottobar in ad.

(Jouj im uaaki kajitok kein mokta jen Wonje, Julae 8)

Jej kaorok uaak ko ami im naj likkuun monono in jiban komleleiki elmakot in Bar-Jeblak in-Jikuul in im bok uaak ko ami. Elane kwoj konaan bwe en iwoj am komlele kon karok in inem letok uaak ko am ilo kajin eo kwoj konan kojerbal, jouj im kur tok Taj Suleyman, director eo an equity, ilo bwe en maron kojerbal rukook ro renaj maron jiban.

Einwot ilo aolep iien, kon jela ke emman im ejmuur eo an rijikuul ro nejid im rijerbal ro ad rej kotobar ko ad raorok im imaan tata ilo jerbal im karok kein. Ej lap wot jerbal ko nan kommani ilowan wiik kein rej pedo tok, im jej kotmane bwe ej maron naj wor wot ukooktak ko renaj walok tok nan koj. Ejja ilo iien in wot, jej erre maanlok nan ad karuwaineneik tok rijikuul ro ad nan aer bar jino jikuul im jej likkuun kamolol kon jiban ko ami nan rijikuul ro nejid im nan jikuul kain ad.

Ilo wot kautej,
Stan Rheingans

Header covid-19 return to learn

Return-to-Learn Plan and Feedback Survey

Dear DCSD Families and Staff,

Today, I am pleased to share the first version of the Dubuque Community School District’s Return-to-Learn Plan with you. This document represents months of work by a variety of groups, all focused on preparing for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

The plan is intended to provide an overview of the three educational delivery scenarios that we are prepared for as a district:

  • Fully in-person education
  • Fully online education
  • Hybrid education, delivered as a combination of in-person and online education

The plan also outlines the health and safety measures that will be put in place to deliver in-person learning.


I emphasize that it is the first version of the Return-to-Learn Plan because as the COVID-19 situation continues to progress, and as our district team continues to prepare for the beginning of the school year, this plan and its many components will continue to evolve and change.

At the same time, we believe that it is important for us to share our current plan and invite your feedback. We hope you will take a few moments to complete our Return-to-Learn survey, which we will use to inform the continued development of our plan.

(Please complete this survey no later than Wednesday, July 8)

As always, be assured that the safety and well-being of our students and staff is always at the forefront of our planning. There is much work to do over the next six weeks, and we know that much is likely to change in the world around us. At the same time, we look forward to welcoming our students back to school and we appreciate the tremendous amount of support you provide to our students and the district.

Stan Rheingans