The Dubuque Community School District will implement an additional safety measure on February 3 when the district begins using the Raptor Visitor Management System across the district. This safety enhancement was funded primarily by a $24,000 grant from the Dubuque Racing Association.

With the new system, visitors will be asked to present a valid state-issued ID when checking into a district school or the administration building. The visitor’s ID will be scanned by the system and their name and birth date will be checked against the National Sex Offender Registry.

After the scan, the visitor will be automatically checked into the building’s visitor log and they will receive a time-stamped photo ID so they are easily identified by school staff and students. In the event of an emergency, the visitor log can be pulled remotely to help account for visitors in a facility.

The Raptor system checks against the National Sex Offender Registry using only a visitor’s name and birth date. It does not conduct any type of background check, does not search criminal records and does not use any other personal information from the visitor’s ID.

“We believe that many layers of safety help us provide the best learning environment for our students,” said Mike Cyze, director of school and community relations for the district. “The addition of the Raptor system will create a streamlined process to track the visitors who come and go in our buildings.”

While an ID will be required at check in, there will be options for visitors without a state-issued ID. In these cases, individuals may request a district-issued visitor ID by presenting documentation that confirms their identity. Accepted documentation includes a passport, official ID from another country, a letter from their employer on company letterhead, a letter from a landlord other than a relative on business letterhead, a letter from a medical care provider, or a transcript.

“We always want families to feel welcomed and be involved in our schools,” said Cyze. “We will work to ensure that the Raptor System is never a barrier to that. Instead, we want families to feel good knowing there is another level of safety in our buildings.”

For more information, contact the DCSD School and Community Relations Office at (563)552-3020.