UPDATE: Friday, Feb. 1, will now be a SCHOOL DAY FOR STUDENTS and the professional learning day for staff is cancelled. Read the full message below.

Dear DCSD Families,

First and foremost, thank you for your flexibility over the past week with weather-related schedule changes. Mother Nature has certainly not been on our side. Weather decisions are among the hardest to make and I assure you that we make them with the safety of our students as our primary concern.

In an average year, we have approximately four cancellations (which is the point we are at as of today). This understandably seems like more than normal this year given the fact that they have all occurred extremely close together.

Looking ahead to another week of bumpy weather, I want to let you know that we are committed to having the last day of school no later than Friday, June 7.

As one step in helping us achieve this, and to get students back to learning as much as possible, we are cancelling the professional learning day on Friday, February 1. STUDENTS WILL NOW ATTEND SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, FEB. 1, OPERATING ON NORMAL FRIDAY MORNING START TIMES.

We will continue to monitor the hours remaining in the year to ensure that we have the 1,080 required. If additional hours are needed, we will explore gaining them back through elimination of some Friday morning late arrivals and will share that information accordingly.

Again, please know of our appreciation for the adjustments you have made to your schedules in order to accommodate the unusually severe stretch of winter weather.


Stan Rheingans
Superintendent of Schools