On this Juneteenth holiday, also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, and Liberation Day, we recognize the incredible significance current events will have in our nation’s history as we join in commemorating the end of slavery in the United States 155 years ago.

As a public school district, our mission is to equitably provide each and every student we serve with the resources and support they need to be successful.

We continue to stand in support of and solidarity with our Black students, families, teachers and staff.

Now, and always, we unequivocally stand against racism.
We stand for acceptance and racial equity.
We stand together in the fight to end injustice.

As a district, we have not and must not simply stand. We must take action.

Rooted in our strategic plan that seeks success for all students,
we are continually focused on the important work of breaking down barriers,
of enhancing support, and of being constant advocates for our Black students,
and all students in underrepresented groups.

We see them. We hear them. We firmly pledge to both continue this important work and, at the same time, to do better, faster.

As educators, we know that knowledge truly is power and that education plays a critical role in bringing about positive change.

As we all seek ways to take action, our Director of Equity Taj Suleyman has compiled a set of resources to assist students and families in navigating these times.

We must continue to stand, and act, together.

Stan Rheingans
Superintendent of Schools



  • Teaching Juneteenth
    The history of Juneteenth acknowledges hard history while also empowering students to be advocates for change.
    Source: Teaching Tolerance