The Dubuque Community School District was recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting (COE) from the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) for having met the program’s high standards for financial reporting and transparency. The award is for the district’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) for the fiscal year ending in 2022.

This is the 14th consecutive year the district has received this honor.

“The COE’s mission is to promote and recognize excellence in financial reporting,” said ASBO International Chief Operations Officer/Interim Executive Director Siobhan McMahon. “The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report informs stakeholders about the financial and economic state of the district, making it an important communications tool for building trust and engaging with the school community.”

“We are committed to responsibly using and reporting on the financial resources that we are entrusted with,” said Kevin Kelleher, chief financial officer for the Dubuque Community Schools. “Our annual financial report is one tool in doing so and we hope our Certificate of Excellence helps assure taxpayers of our commitment to the highest standards of financial management.”

Each year, the Dubuque Community School District manages an overall budget of approximately $190 million. By participating in the Certificate of Excellence Program, school districts submit their ACFR for review by a team of financial professionals who provide feedback to improve future documents. According to ASBO, recognition in the Certificate of Excellence program can facilitate bond rating and continuing bond disclosure processes.

The recognition program is presented by the Association of School Business Officials International and is sponsored by American Fidelity, provider of cost-savings solutions and supplemental insurance benefits.

The Association of School Business Officials International is a non-profit that, through its members and affiliates, represents approximately 30,000 school business professionals worldwide. It provides programs and services to promote the highest standards in school business. Its members support student achievement through effective resource management in various areas ranging from finance and operations to food services and transportation.