Enrollment and registration for FREE four-year-old preschool in the Dubuque Community School District will begin on Monday, Jan. 8.

This includes all 12 Dubuque public elementary schools as well as the district’s new preschool center on Chavenelle Road offering preschool through the Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program.

NEW THIS YEAR, parents and guardians may enroll students ONLINE beginning at NOON on Monday, January 8, at www.dbqschools.org/preschool.

All district elementary schools and the district’s main office will have computers and staff assistance available beginning January 8 for families needing internet access to complete preschool enrollment and registration.


Free four-year-old preschool is open to students residing in Iowa who are four by September 15. Proof of age (preferably a birth certificate) and proof of residency are required to enroll a student and may be uploaded during the enrollment application process or provided in hard copy to the district enrollment office at 2300 Chaney Road.

Your student’s enrollment application will not be considered complete until these documents have been received.

For the enrollment and registration process, families should have the student’s main household and health information readily available.


Space may be limited in some facilities and enrollment applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Enrollment for preschool is not based on geography and all sites are open to Iowa residents. Applications will be time-stamped and families will be able to select up to three locations and time slots in order of preference.

Applications completed by January 12 (including submission of proof of age and proof of residency) will be considered in the first round of placement notifications beginning on January 19.

In addition to spots in Dubuque’s public schools, a variety of community preschool partners also offer free four-year-old preschool.


For additional enrollment questions, individuals should contact the district early childhood office at earlychildhood@dbqschools.org.

The Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program for Four-Year-Old Children is funded by the State of Iowa and facilitated locally by the Dubuque Community School District.