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Articles from March 2015

Hempstead Students Get Look at ‘Jaws of Life,’ April 1

Students often hear about the “Jaws of Life” vehicle-extraction tool being used as a response tool in severe accidents. Now, Hempstead High School students will have the chance to see the tool in action on Wednesday, April 1, at part of the school’s Spring Wind event.

The Dubuque Fire Department will demonstrate the extraction process twice on Wednesday (once beginning at 8:25 a.m. and again at 9:15 a.m.) in the parking lot by the school’s baseball field.

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Voice Your Support for Adequate School Funding

The Iowa legislature has been unable to reach an agreement on school funding for the fiscal year beginning on July 1, with the House passing a 1.25 percent increase in funding and the Senate passing a 4 percent increase. There is currently a Conference Committee from both chambers convened to negotiate the impasse.


Learn more about the current status of funding and ways to voice your support.

Trailer for next Sageville Elementary movie released

Each year, fifth graders at Sageville Elementary School (with the guidance of the school’s Technology Coach Jeff Dyer) write and act in a movie.

This year, the school is producing and will debut the first installment of a trilogy entitled “Space School.” Chapter 1 will be released this spring with Chapter 2 slated for Spring 2016 and Chapter 3 in Spring 2017.

Check it out:

School District Accepting Bids for Pennsylvania Property

The Dubuque Community School District recently acquired land and a home on Pennsylvania Avenue adjacent to Irving Elementary School. The land will provide for future needs at the school.

Bids are now being accepted for the home located on the property, and the bidder will be responsible for removing the home from the foundation and relocating it to another home site.

Read the official requirements and bid procedures for the home.


Table Mound Second Graders Discuss How to Catch a Leprechaun

Second graders in Jen Gorrell’s class at Table Mound Elementary School got to see some of their classmates’ newly learned writing skills in action. As part of an exercise learning to write directions, students developed a step-by-step guide for  “how to catch a leprechaun.” They then showed off traps they constructed and talked about how they would, in fact, lure and catch a pesky little leprechaun.

Check out photos from the class.


No School at Eisenhower Elementary, Friday, March 13 Due to Illness

Due to the ongoing occurrence of influenza-related illness at Eisenhower Elementary School, the school will be closed tomorrow, Friday, March 13. Staff assigned to Eisenhower should not report to work.

Since Monday, the school has experienced absentee rates from flu-like illness in the range of 23 to 28 percent daily.

This decision was made in consultation with state, county and city public health officials and is intended to interrupt exposure to the illness, which has an average incubation period of 48 hours.

To reduce the spread of illness, health officials also recommend that anyone who is sick or experiencing symptoms should stay home and avoid contact with others.

All other schools in the district will operate on their normal Friday schedules.

‘School Speak’ to Discuss Current State of School Funding, March 14

The Dubuque Community School District will host its next “School Speak” event at 8 a.m. on Saturday, March 14, at the district’s administrative offices at 2300 Chaney Road.

The forum, designed to provide additional opportunities for conversation between administrators and community members, will begin with a presentation about school funding, its importance to the district and the role supplemental state aid plays in budgeting.

Mar 14
‘School Speak’ Public Forum
March 14, 8:00 AM – Forum Board Room; 2300 Chaney Road

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Bryant Elementary School facade to be rejuvenated through donation

It can be said that schools are the window to the future. For one area couple, a passion for historical preservation and community vibrancy will enhance the windows at Bryant Elementary School – literally.

Through a donation to the Dubuque Community School District, John and Alice Butler will fund the replacement and renovation of windows and doors at Bryant Elementary School to return them to their appropriate historic style. In addition, the project will include new historical exterior lighting at the school. Cost of the project, and amount of the donation, is $780,000.

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