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Articles from March 2020

Enaan Ko Rokaal Tata Ikijen Coronavirus: Maaj 31, 2020

Erkein Enaan ko rokaal tok jen Dubuque Community School District:

Einwot ijo ej Eddoik Jikuul ko, Jej kate wot koj jerbal ilo ad kajjeon loor ukoktak kein jej jelmai im an wor oktak ilo karok ko jen ritel ro rej eddoik jelalokjen ilo state. Bolaide eo lok, Ra eo an Jelalokjen ilo Iowa ear ukot an lomnak im komman oktak ilo kakien eo an etto an bed im kojjela ke enaj kar komokajkaj an wor kitien kotobar in bwe jikuul district ko ren komman katakin nan rijikuul ro online.

Ilo ad kottar wot an wor kitien wewen in, jej tomak bwe eaorok nan ad wonmanlok wot im lelok katak nan rijikuul ro. Principal ro ad im ro uaan tiim eo ej lonaj im lolorjake jelalokjen rej kwelok jen iien nan iien nan lale ewi wewen eo emman tata nan ad lelok katakin nan rijikuul ro.

Ilju, district enaj lewaj mwenan eo kein karuo ikijen kilen im wewen jiban katakin rijikuul ro ilo elementary, middle school im high school ko im baamle ko aer. Kilen katakin kein enaj wor peba ko aer komman ekatak im kaminene ko roukoktak jen don im rijikuul romaron kommani ilo moko.

Jino jen naj lukon lok wiik in lal, middle im high schools renaj jino lelok nan rijikuul ro ta ko rokkar, katak ko karok lok bwe rikaki ro ren katakin kaki im naj bok melele ko jen rikaki ro kin jonan an rijikuul eo emaron kommane. Rikaki in elementary ro renaj wonmanlok wot ilo aer konono im jerbal iben rijikuul ro im baamle ko ilo Seesaw, email ak ilo talboon.

Rikaki ro renaj kwalok kilen komadmodi ekatak im jerbal ko nan jiban ekatak ilo kajojo ran nan ro renaj monono in bok konaer ak komman ekatak, botaab jeban kajjeon in ella lok jen awa in jerbal ko ilo juon ran in jikuul. Ilo an lon rutto rej jerbal jen moko im keto-ketak ikotan eddo ko aer rollon, jej konan kotlok elap iien nan an rijikuul kadedelok ekatak ko aer ilo tore ko ej wor ilo baamle eo ej maron jiban im iiun er nan ekatak.

Ilo ad jab meloklok aorok in an aikuj wor internet, ilo tore in jej bukot kilen an wor hotspots ko nan baamle ko an rijikuul in middle school im high school nan jiban kadiklok aban eo ikijen an aikuj wor internet. Enaj bar iwoj elon lok komlele ko ikijen ad etale im ekatak kin hotspot.

Einwot ad jela ke komman ekatak ilo online eban ein an emman im wor tokjen wot ad komman im bok katak ilowan kilaaj ruum ko, jej kate koj komman ta jemarone emman tata nan rijikuul ro ilo ad erre maan waj ilowan ran kein rej jab bidodo nan koj woj jimor.

Jej kajjeon kadedelok ad bukot kilen kilen ad kommani ekatak kein im naj bar elewaj melele ran kane tok jet ilowan wiik in.

Coronavirus Update: March 31, 2020

Here are the latest updates from the Dubuque Community School District:

As a district, we continue working hard to keep up with changing circumstances and shifting guidance from our state education leaders. Last Friday, the Iowa Department of Education changed course when it reversed its long-standing guidance and announced that it would provide an expedited application process for school districts to provide online education for students.

While we have yet to see this application process, we believe it is important to move forward with providing students with learning. Our school principals and members of our educational support team have been meeting regularly to discuss how to best proceed with providing learning opportunities to students.

Tomorrow, the district will launch a second phase of educational resources for elementary, middle and high school students and families. These resources will be expanded to include a variety of handouts and worksheets students can do at home.

Beginning mid next week, middle and high schools will transition to providing students with optional, teacher-guided lessons and feedback from teachers on student work. Elementary teachers will continue to reach out and engage with students and families via Seesaw, email and phone.

Teachers will guide instructional activities and tasks that support daily learning for those wishing to participate, but we will not attempt to replicate a six-hour school day. With many adults working from home and juggling other responsibilities, we want to provide flexibility for students to complete learning at times when they have family support and supervision.

Keeping internet connectivity in mind, we are in the process of acquiring hotspots that will be available for checkout to families of middle and high school students to reduce the barrier of internet access. More details will be forthcoming regarding checkout of these hotspots.

While we know that online delivery will never look the same or be as beneficial as the education that happens in our classrooms, we are committed to providing the best possible experience to students as we navigate these uncertain times together.

We are finalizing the specifics of how this learning will be delivered and will share additional information later this week.

Enaan Ko Rokaal Tok Kon Coronavirus: Maaj 30, 2020

Erkein enaan ko rokall tok jen Dubuque Community School District:

Ibwiljin elon kajitok ko komij loe rij delon tok ej ko ikijen kojomlok ko im kadiwojlok. Komij kile ke elap an wor tokjaer, iien ko raorok im lap tokjaer nan rijikuul ro ilo kilaaj jonoulruo im baamle ko aer. Ilo an janin wor jabddwot men en enanin cancel tok nan rainin, iben an lokjak aolep men, eben nan am jela ilo tore in enaj ewi wewen men kein. Botab, komij, maron naj jiban ilo kotlok jidik iien monono im kamoolol ko an armej kin iien kein elane enaj emman im ejjelok kauwotata im jenaj ba elewaj enaan nan kojelaik kom elane enaj wor im alikar.

Eniwot an ben karreoik jikin ikkure im kein ikkure ko, im an kanuj lon rej etal im jibjibwi kein ikkure ko, aolep jikin ikkure ko ilo jikuul ko iumin district in rej kilok nan aolep armej mae bar juon iien naj bar kojjela kake. Kilok in aer komman elkin wot an kar itok kean eo jen Bukon in Dubuque in im ebar lon Bukon ko jet.

Coronavirus Update: March 30, 2020

Here are the latest updates from the Dubuque Community School District:

Among the most common questions we receive are those inquiring about the status of high school proms and graduation. We recognize that these are incredibly meaningful, right-of-passage events for our high school seniors and their families. While nothing has been cancelled as of today, given the fluidity of the situation, it is not possible for us to know at this point what the status of these events will be. We are, however, committed to providing some in-person celebration honoring these events when it is safe to do so and will provide updates as possible.

Given the difficulty in maintaining the sanitization of playground equipment, and the volume/frequency of contact points on the equipment, all school playgrounds in the district are closed to the public until further notice. This closing comes following a similar decision by the City of Dubuque and a number of other municipalities.

Enaan Ko Rokaal Tok Kon Coronavirus: Maaj 27, 2020

Erkein enaan ko rokall tok jen Dubuque Community School District:

Jino jen Mande, Maaj 30 ran, district in enaj bar kalonlok kin jilu jikin ebbok mona ko ejjelok wonaerEBBOK-IM-ETAL mona nan ro eben aer ebok ijoko jet. Mona kein naj ektaki lok kin wa ko waan district ilo kajojo ran in jerbal ko (Mande-Bolaide) im naj maron bed ilo kajojo jikin kein iumin20 wot minit nan ro rej etal ilal lok im ebok wot. Nan kojbarok rijikuul ro im baamle ko aer, ejjelok ej etal kin wa im ebbok jen jikin kein jilu. Lale kojjela eo kin jikin ebbok mona ko ilo webpage ikijen ia wa ko remaron ettorlok im ebok mona jeni.

Ijoko kein:

Table Mound Mobile Home Park (iturin imon komman license eo/DOT ): KOJJAB ETTOR LOK KIN WA, ETETAL WOT.
JIKIN EO: 700 Noonan Street
AWA KO: 11-11:20 a.m.
IIEN MONA: MONA IN RAELEP IM KOJOTA (ebbok mabun nan ran eo tok juon ilo am ebbok mona in raelep!)

Table Mound Mobile Home Park (Iturin Casey): ETETAL LOK WOT/EJJELOK WA
JIKIN EO: 1221 Maquoketa Drive
AWA KO: 11:40 a.m.-Noon
IIEN MONA: Mabun im mona in raelep (ebbok mabun nan ran eo tok juon ilo am ebbok mona in raelep!)

Kojota nan 20 Mobile Home Park: ETETAL LOK WOT/EJJELOK WA
JIKIN EO: 14501 North Cascade Road
AWA KO: 12:30-12:50 p.m.
IIEN MONA: Mabun im mona in raelep (ebbok mabun nan ran eo tok juon ilo am ebbok mona in

Ebwe an lon rijikuul in high school ko ilo district in rej ebbok kilaaj ko routeej lok an college ilo University of Dubuque ilo semesta in. Aolep kilaaj ko an UD rej bed online ilo aolepen semesta in, im ewor rijikuul in high school rej ebbok aer kilaaj in college ilo semesta in ijen.Tore in, rikaki ro ilo UD emoj aer ba lok nan rijikuul ro nan kwalok ta ren kommane im kilen aer tobar im kadedelok semesta in. Jouj im kur lok ak kebak rikaki in UD eo am elane ewor am kajitok ikijen kilaaj eo am.

Coronavirus Update: March 27, 2020

Here are the latest updates from the Dubuque Community School District:

Beginning Monday, March 30, the district will offer three additional locations offering no-cost GRAB-AND-GO meals to those not easily served by other sites. Meals will be delivered to these locations by a district vehicle each weekday (Monday-Friday) and will be available at each site for a 20-minute period for walk ups only. In order to keep students and families safe, no drive-up requests will be served. Visit our FOOD RESOURCES webpage for a list of drive-up locations.

New locations are:

Table Mound Mobile Home Park (DOT side): WALK-UP ONLY
LOCATION: 700 Noonan Street
HOURS: 11-11:20 a.m.
MEALS: Lunch and Breakfast (grab breakfast for the next day when you pick up lunch!)

Table Mound Mobile Home Park (Casey’s side): WALK-UP ONLY
LOCATION: 1221 Maquoketa Drive
HOURS: 11:40 a.m.-Noon
MEALS: Lunch and Breakfast (grab breakfast for the next day when you pick up lunch!)

Super 20 Mobile Home Park: WALK-UP ONLY
LOCATION: 14501 North Cascade Road
HOURS: 12:30-12:50 p.m.
MEALS: Lunch and Breakfast (grab breakfast for the next day when you pick up lunch!)

The district has a number of high school students enrolled in post-secondary courses at the University of Dubuque this semester. All of UD’s courses are online for the rest of the semester, which includes high school students enrolled in college courses. By now, UD instructors should have reached out to their students along with instructions on how to access/complete the remainder of the semester. Please contact your UD instructor if you have specific questions about your course.

Enaan Ko Rokaal TokKin Coronavirus: Maaj 26, 2020

Erkein enaan ko rokaal tata jen Dubuque Community School District:

CollegeBoard eo, eo im ej lolorjake AP Teej in, ejab bok wonen lali im bok teej in ilo online, jen iben rikaki ro an AP jen aolepen belakin Amerka in. Kooj ak teej in ej nan ro rokonaan, kwoj maron wot ito-tak ilo am boke im elap an lon ro rej kelet bwe ren boke. Kooj in ej ikijen etale jonan im ta ko kwojela im nan letok juon kolmenlokjen jen 75% ibwiljin menin ekatak ko. Enaj bar wor jet menin jiban kein ekatak ko ekoba unin konono ko jen 25% in jomlokin lok kooj in.


Ilo aolep tore ne, im ilowan aoelpen iio en, elap an lon doulul ko rej bojak in jiban tok ajiri ro nejid im kamuniti in. Juon laajrak in doulul ko re jiban ajiri ro maron lo ilo Family Resource Guide bok eo an Bukon in Dubuque in, kar komman jen Dubuque County Early Childhood. Iien kein roppen remaron in bareinwot kaburomoj koj im kakkure enjake ko ad. Talboon eo nan Bukot Jiban ikijen ro rej kajjeon Anemkwoj e mour ka aer errein 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

LALE IA KO KOMARON KABBOK JIBAN JENE ILO KAMUNITI IN ilo Coronavirus Webpage eo ad, nan ebokFamily Resource Guide im bar melele ko jet ikijen won im ia jiban emaron itok jene.

Coronavirus Update: March 26

Here are the latest updates from the Dubuque Community School District:

CollegeBoard, which administers AP Exams, is offering free, live online AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. These courses are optional, mobile friendly and will be available on demand. Courses will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course. There will also be some supplementary lessons including topics from the final 25% of the course.


During this time, and throughout the year, there are many organizations focused on supporting our children and community. A list of organizations supporting children can be found in the Dubuque County Family Resource Guide, compiled by Dubuque County Early Childhood. These uncertain times can also be very emotionally challenging. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available for support 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

VIEW COMMUNITY RESOURCES on our Coronavirus Webpage for a copy of the Family Resource Guide and other information and support resources.

Enaan Ko Rokaal Tata Ikijen Cornonavirus: Maaj 25

Erkein enaan ko rokaal tata tok jen Dubuque Community School District:

Tiim eo ej Jiban Lolorjake Jerbal in Katakin ilo district in rar ejake Jet Lamlam ko Ikijen Kein Ekatak+im Kilen Komman Makutkut ko im juon Juon Jonak Ikijen Kamonono im Ipen don for nan an jinen im jemen rijikuul ro jiban rijikuul ro nejier. Elon jonak ko nan rijikuul in elementary, middle im high school. Enaj bar lon kein ekatak ko renaj iwoj ilo kajojo wiik. Kajojo ian komlele kein rej kwalok kain ikkure ko, romman nan jiban ro rej ekatak ilo aolep kilaaj ko, im rej ekkejel lok iben elon kain kein katakin ko elap tokjaer online. Enaj iwoj komlele kein ilo peba ilo jikin ajeej mona ko ilo Bolaide.

LALE KEIN JIBAN EKATAK KEIN ilo webpage eo an Coronavirus bwe kwon maron lo kein ekatak kein.

Jej lomnak kin rijikuul ro im jen iakwe er im baamle ko aer! Aolep rikaki ro ilo aolepen jikuul kein ilo district in rej jerbal nan aer kur waj baamle ko ad. Enanin aolep call kein renaj iwoj jen nomba k ejab an jikuul, kon menin elane kom naj loi call kein rej iwoj nomba ko kom jaje kaki ak ko komij jab jab uaaki, jouj im uaake bwe jen maron tobar kom. Ijjelokin ikur kein, elon rikaki ro renaj jeje waj ilo SeeSaw, Canvas im email.

Nan rijikuul ro rej ebok kilaaj ko an college, emoj an itok enaan nan district in jen state bwe “mene rijikuul eo ej ebok wot an kilaaj ilo high school, kooj eo ej an college, jikuul ko lok ilon ewor ej koblak kilen kommani kilaaj ko aer. Rijikuul eo ej aikuj wonmanlok wot im bok kilaaj eo, mae iien ewor jet wewen ko robidodo lok letok jen jikuul eo. Rijikuul eo ej maron bok kilaaj eo ekkar nan kon ko emoj karoki jen jikuul ko lok ilon.”

Einwot ej mottan lok jerbal in bobrae kein nae COVID-19, Mediacom ear kojjelaik tok district in kin burokuram in wonen kojerbal internet ko an eddik woneen etan Connect2Compete. Kombani en emoj kio an kolaplok kajoor in burokuram ko an nan 25 mbps jonan eo ilal im 3 mbps ilo an kajoor. Baamle ko renaj maron delon ilo burokuram in im renaj maron delon ie mokta jen May 15, 2020, naj lelok nan er 60 ran in an ejjelok woneen kojerbal Mediacom Connect2Compete service en aer.

Mweo imom emaron boke elane:

      • Mediacom ej lewaj internet service ilo moko imom ak.
      • Ewor juon iiet tata juon rijikuul ej bed ilo K-12 ej jokwe imweo
      • Ewor ne eiet juon ajiri ej bok woneen mona eo edik ak emaron likkuun ejjelok kijen jen burokuram in mona eo (NSLP)
      • Kwoj jab juon an Mediacom coustomer im kwar jab bed ipeer iumin 90 ran ko rej jomlok lok
      • Ejjelok am muri iben Mediacom ak ejjelok kein jerbal en konanin koroolok

Mediacom enaj bar kotlok am kojerbal Mediacom Xtream Wi-Fi Hotspots ilo jetjojo jikin ko ipelakin Dubuque in iumin 60 ran.

Coronavirus Update: March 25

Here are the latest updates from the Dubuque Community School District:

The district’s Educational Support Team has created Suggested Learning Resources + Activities and a Social Emotional Learning Guide for parents to support learning with their student. There are guides available for elementary, middle and high school students. Additional resources will be provided weekly. Each guide includes suggested activities, accommodations to assist learners of all levels, and links to a variety of helpful online tools. Printed copies of these packets will be available at meal delivery sites on Friday.

VIEW EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES on our Coronavirus Webpage to access these materials.

We miss and care about our students and families! Teachers across the district are working to contact each of our families. These calls will mostly be made from non-district numbers, so if you receive a call from an unknown or a blocked number, please consider answering it so we can connect with you. In addition to phone calls, many teachers will also be connecting via Seesaw, Canvas and email.

For students taking Postsecondary Coursework, the district received guidance from the state that “even though the student is receiving high school credit, the course is ultimately a postsecondary course and the postsecondary institution has decision-making authority regarding operation of the course. The student should continue to participate in the course, unless specific exemptions are established by the postsecondary institution. The student should access the course according to alternative arrangements established by the postsecondary institution.”

As part of its response to COVID-19, Mediacom has informed the district of its low-cost internet program called Connect2Compete. The company has now increased the program’s speed to 25 Mbps down speed and 3 Mbps up speed. Qualifying families who subscribe before May 15, 2020, will receive 60 days of complimentary Mediacom Connect2Compete service.

Your household may qualify if:

    • Mediacom offers internet service in your community or area
    • You have at least one student in grades K-12 living at home
    • At least one child qualifies for free or reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
    • You are not a current Mediacom internet customer and have NOT subscribed to Mediacom internet service in the past 90 days
    • You do not have an outstanding Mediacom bill or unreturned equipment

Mediacom is also providing complementary access to all Mediacom Xtream Wi-Fi Hotspots in various locations throughout Dubuque for 60 days.