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Leadership Enrichment After-School Programs (LEAP)

Ready to LEAP into some fun?

Whether it’s expressing yourself on stage, ballroom dancing, or joining a monthly club (like the Girl Scouts BLING Sorority), Leadership Enrichment After-School Programs (LEAP) are a great way for middle school students to have fun (and learn a thing or two!). Best of all, all programs are FREE thanks to the support of many sponsors and community partners!

Here are some important things you need to know to participate in LEAP activities:

Check out this overview:

LEAP Annual Reports
These programs were made possible through a five-year Iowa 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant from the Iowa Department of Education, which concluded spring 2016. As part of the grant program that generously supported the LEAP Program, the district had an annual evaluation of the program. Those reports are available for review below:

2012-2013  |  2013-2014  |  2014-2015  |  2015-2016

View a rundown of events from March through May.

For specific dates, check out your school’s online LEAP calendar by clicking on the REGISTER NOW! link above.

Contact Emily Blue
LEAP Facilitator

Or contact your school’s activities director!

Longshadow Foundation
Ed and Susan Ritts
Theisen’s Home-Farm-Auto

Douglas and Karen Horstmann

Lynn and Cindy Fuller

Rommel and Donnelle Fuerste
James and Pamela Miller
Schoen Family Charitable Trust

LEAP sponsorships are facilitated by the Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools