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Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

SERVICE AREA: Human Services

Career Exploration Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Cluster IconIf you are interested in a career focused on keeping people safe, the Law, Public Safety Corrections and Security cluster could be for you. This cluster has a wide range of opportunities including all forms of law enforcement, careers in the area of law, and the professional and technical positions supporting these areas. From an educational perspective, there are a wide range of entry points depending on the role, ranging from a high school diploma with some specialized or on-the-job training through graduate degrees.

Download the guide sheet below to learn more about:

  • the post-secondary education required for a sampling of career categories
  • recommended coursework to take in high school to be prepared for post-secondary education

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Guide Sheet (PDF)

Kuder Navigator, the district’s career information system, helps students explore and prepare for various options after high school. Students take assessments beginning in middle school that identifies their interests, skills and work values that are matched up to career clusters, pathways and occupations. Learn more about Kuder Navigator and how it is used in the district.

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Students login to Kuder Navigator through the Clever Portal.

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Students can generate a Parent Access Code from their Navigator account that parents use to establish a parent account.

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The Future Ready Iowa website directly connects students to tools for finding education, training and jobs beyond high school. It uses Labor Market Information to identify the number of jobs, the average median income and what training is required within a geographically determined distance.

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