Elementary Virtual Learning Day Booklet


Students received a printed booklet this fall. Each booklet includes five (5) days of learning activities for students to complete at home on a schedule that works for their family situation.

When a VIRTUAL LEARNING DAY is announced, students will go to the section of pages for that day to find learning activities in all subject areas.

For reference, booklets will also be posted on this page in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF).

DAY 3 BOOKLET by grade level:

Preschool: DAY 3 (PDF)

Kindergarten: DAY 3 (PDF)

Grade 1: DAY 3 (PDF)

Grade 2: DAY 3 (PDF)

Grade 3: DAY 3 (PDF)

Grade 4: DAY 3 (PDF)

Grade 5: DAY 3 (PDF)


For students in preschool:

Students are asked to complete activities in all subject areas included in this booklet.

Activities included align with The Creative Curriculum, which is the framework for our preschool program. This curriculum is a research-based preschool curriculum that focuses on four main developmental areas: social and emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, and language development.

For students in kindergarten through fifth grade:

Students are asked to complete activities in all subject areas as follows:

  • Art, Music, Wellness, Science, and Social Studies activities are all MUST-DO tasks.
  • Language Arts and Math activities are marked with a symbol that indicates MAY-DO and MUST-DO tasks.
      • The symbols circled by the teacher below are MUST-DO tasks.
      • Find the activities with that symbol and complete those first.
      • Activities with the symbols that are not circled are MAY-DO tasks.
  • The Second Step Curriculum teaches skills in the following four areas: Skills for Listening, Empathy, Emotion Management & Problem Solving. Families are an important part of the Second Step program. We invite you to participate at home by completing the Home Link activities to help your student learn and practice these skills. Completion of the Second Step Home Link activities are OPTIONAL.
  • Don’t forget to have your student read or be read to for at least 20 minutes.


You and your student will receive the following communication:

  • PRINCIPALS will share virtual day instructions via ParentSquare early in the day.
  • TEACHERS AND OTHER SCHOOL STAFF will reach out to families in the morning to check in and provide support. Communication will be via one of the following: EmailTextPhone CallSeesaw Message
  • TEACHERS will dedicate the first and last hours of their day to communicating with families and will also do so as possible during other parts of the day.

School offices will open and staff will report two hours later than the normal start time.

  • QUESTIONS? Reach out to any teacher your student works with or the school office.